Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The prelude to meeting the man that changed my life

I was with a man that I had married in 2005, it was not going well. We got married because we were drinking buddies, not really because we were in love. I was getting more and more depressed each day, until I decided in April 2007 it was time to take my own life. The drugs, drinking, and an empty marriage had brought me to my end. I was tired; tired of getting up each day, tired of people, and tired of living. On the last day of April they put me in a mental health ward on suicide watch. May 1st 2007 is my sobriety date. I knew if I did not quit my self-destructive behavior, I would not live much longer. When I got out of the hospital, I devoted myself to A.A. and staying sober. My husband at the time could not support me in my new life. In August of 2007 he walked out on me, he could not handle losing his drinking buddy because it really was the only thing we had in common. He filed for a divorce.
I took on two jobs to try to support myself and since I did not have the time to travel home between jobs; I would just sleep in my car until my next shift. It went this way for a while...

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