Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another Letter...

These are letters that I wrote to Mike in the months following his death (06/14/10)...


I was conflicted and confused. Hurt and scared. I was talking with a friend and telling her how I was struggling trying to understand your death.
She explained to me that she has been led to believe that God puts us all here for a divine purpose. When that purpose has been fulfilled, it is then that God calls us back home.
I could find some measure of comfort in that belief, because I know God put you in my life for a reason.
I became a woman through your gentle encouragement and guidance. You taught me I was worth something in this world. You made me feel beautiful and confident. You taught me to respect myself.
You helped me through the loss of my father, when I felt so lost.
You taught me to be selfless, which helped me when you got sick. I was consumed with you health and comfort. I was able to return the unconditional love you poured out so selflessly on me.
My life is so much more beautiful because it was blessed by your presence.
Through your death and the following pain I came to Christ, I could not handle it alone. Today I was baptized with my church by full submersion in a lake. I knew you and Daddy were with me, I could feel you.         
You both walk with me now as my angels. Your love will always be with me. I thanked God for both of you today. My life is better and I am a better person because of both of you.
I love you both and I miss you terribly...

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